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Electralogics -- MFIO Board
This was a very versatile board it had 8 asynchronous ports and two 8-bit bidirectional ports.  The board came out in 1982.

MFIO Board

The board also had a real time (with battery backup) clock on board.  Up to 6 wait states could be added for slow CPU's. Serial I/O went up to 57.6 K Baud.  Two pins blocks (bottom left)  allowed any of 20 interrupt sources on the board to activate 1-8 interrupt lines.  There was a priority interrupt controller on board as well. The board came with plenty of examples in software and CP/M drivers. The board was IEEE-696 compatible with extended I/O addressing. This was a very useful board!
Unfortunately I do not have the manual for this great looking board. If you would like to share one please let me know.


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