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Seattle Computer Products -- 400B   Multi-port Serial Card

The board was available from SCP in either 2 or 4 channel versions.  Below is the 2 serial ports version.  You could add the extra chips later.

SCP Serial IO Board

Each channel was driven by an 8251A and thus was fully programmable in software.   There were four handshaking lines per channel , two input and two output.  Headers allow the board to be configuration as an RS-232 "modem" or a "terminal'.  Each channel had its own independent baud rate generator, which could be set in software to any one of sixteen selectable baud rates from 50 to 19200 baud.  There was an eight level vectored interrupt controller on board (an 8259A) to handle receive & transmit interrupt requests from each channel.  The interrupt controller could be slaved to the SCP 8086 CPU Support Card for fully vectored operation or it could be used in the "polled mode" retaining the interrupt masking and priority rotation features of the interrupt controller.


The manual for this board may be obtained here.


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