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Industrial Micro Systems - Z80 CPX-MX Board
IMS made a number of Z80 CPU boards of increasing degrees of complexity and sophistication.  The CPS-BMX was
a Z80 based Single board computer (SBC) with 64K of RAM, parallel and serial ports. 

CPS-MX picture

The CPS-MX single board slave processor was a Z80A (tm) based computer complying with the IEEE 695.1/D2 S100 Bus specification. This board incorporated all features necessary for a complete standalone system. Each to be dedicated to a user in a distributed processor system utilizing operating systems such as TurboDos (tm) and CP/NET (tm). 

The CPS-MX processors together with an 5100 Bus master (host) like the ICM CPZ 48000 SBCP constituted a high performance a high throughput network which could  be integrated into most S100 Bus mainframes. The master/slave communications took place over the S-100 Bus via slave/host bidirectional memory transfers under
control of the host processor. This memory mapping technique thoroughly enhanced data throughput and reduces overhead hardware resulting in a high performance, low cost slave processor making distributed processing comparable to mainframe performance at a fraction of the cost.

* IEEE 696.1/D2 5100 Bus compliance.
* Z80A 4 MHz (CPS-4X) or Z80B 6 MHz (CPS-6X) operation.
* Compatible with CPZ 48000 SBCP. or any Z80A based CPU with extended address compatibility or 16 bit based CPUs complying with IEEE 696.1/D2 Bus specification.
* Two synchronous (CPS-MS) or asynchronous (CPS-MA) serial I/O ports.
* Two parallel I/O ports; eight data bits and two handshake lines
* TurboDos and CP/NET compatible.
* 64 Kbytes of onboard dynamic RAM.
* Master/slave memory-to-memory transfers under DMA control at 571 Kbytes/sec transfer rate when used with CPZ-48000 SBCP.
* Master confiscation of slave memory for diagnostic purposes.
* Software selectable baud rates.
* Usable as an intelligent I/O processor in single user systems.
* Usable as a 64 Kbyte RAM by the host in either single-user or multi-user systems.

The manual and further information for this board can be obtained here
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