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MiniTerm Associates 
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MiniTerm Associates

They were located in on Bedford Mass.  They specilized in, as best I can tell,  only one video board the,  "Merlin Video board" which came out around 1978 - early in the history of the S-100 bus. Ira J. Perlow sent me the following information:-

MiniTerm Associates was formed by Russ Sendelbach, an electronics engineer as a garage business. He utilized David Wright (deceased) from Townsend, MA as his assembly technician. Both of them were members of the New England Computer Society (NECS), as was myself. I'm not sure if they ever created the video board that you describe under them. As I recall, it was some type of smaller video converter, maybe an RF adapter, but I am not sure. Russ and I often ran our S-100 systems overnight connected via 600 Baud phone modems converting from one CP/M format to another between our systems. As I recall, it took like 7 hours to convert each disk.

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