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D.C. Hayes -- Micromodem 100

This was Hayes second S-100 modem board. It ran at speeds from 45 up to 300 Baud.

hayes Micromodem

The MICROMODEM 100 was a complete data communications system for S-100 microcomputers combining on a single board functions which formerly required a modem, an automatic calling unit and serial and parallel interfaces. The result was a sophisticated computer-to-computer or terminal-to-computer modem for use in small computer systems.

The MICROMODEM 100 provided all the capabilities of a serial interface card and an acoustic coupler, with the addition of programmable automatic dialing and answer.

The MICROMODEM 100 came with its own MICRO-COUPLERâ„¢ unit. This was at the time an exclusive new device that allowed you to connect your S-100 computer directly into any modular jack provided by your local telephone company without the need of a DAA from the Bel system as was the case with the 80-103A board.

The board had the following features:-
The brochure for this board may be obtained here, the actual manual here and tthe support software listings here.

Over the "modem years" the Hayes modem command set enlarged and evolved. It was incorporated into modem LSI chips like those of Rockwell and was essentially the standard for any computer controlling its modem interface. 

A listing of this "AT" command set can be obtained here.


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