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Harte Technologies - Super I/O Controller
This is an interesting board that was designed and produced long after most companies in the S-100 era had come and gone.  Howard Heart is well know as one of the major sources of information for the S-100 bus.  He has for years mentioned a very large database of microcomputer manuals of great help to us all. It can be accessed here.

Back around 2004 the need for a more modern interface board to communicate with the cheap and abundant IDE hard disks was becoming very apparent.  The old Winchester ST-506 type drives were no longer being made and were clearly inferior to the newer IDE and SCSI  drives.  Howard designed and produced an S-100 board with an IDE interface. He added many other features to the board utilizing modern LSI chips with surface mount technology and high density.

The imprint on the board says the board is licensed to IMSAI (Fischer-Freitas) but Howards site indicates it is also available from him.


Heart Technologies S-100 Boards
Super I/O Controller


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