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PolyMorphic Systems -  Video Board
This was the only video board Polymorphic Systems made.  That said, it was a very advanced board at the time it appeared.


Video Board

The  PolyMorphic   Systems  video  terminal   interface   (VTI) could  display  16  lines  of  32  or  64  characters   (depending on  options)   on  a  TV  monitor  or   slightly  modified  TV  receiver. The  character-forming  dot  matrix  projected  onto  the  TV   screen   is seven dots  wide  by  nine  dots  high,  embedded   in  a   ten-by-fifteen field,   for  distinct,   natural-looking,  easily  readable  symbols. The  VTI   displayed  upper  and  lower  case   letters,  punctuation, numbers,  a   special   set  of  symbols  representing  the ASCII  control characters,   plus  another  special   set  of  64   graphics  plotting characters.     The  special   graphics  capability  allowed  you  to  dis­play  a  plotting  grid  with  up  to  48  by  128  cells   in  addition   to any  other   characters.     Board  circuitry   included  an  input  port for  an ASCII   keyboard,  making  it  a  complete  interface  between keyboard,   computer,   and  TV.
The manual for this board can be obtained here


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