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MITS - 88-PCI    Process Control Interface Board
Probably reflecting upon the companies early roots, it was the first company to offer an S-100 board for process control systems.



This board was for users wishing to control the operations of almost any electrical or mechanical device with an Altair 88-PCI board. Through the use of relays, opto-couplers and software, the PCI board received process information and transmitted control signals. A complete interrupt structure and handshake configuration was included, both were software controllable.
Possible applications included monitor environmental conditions (heat, light, humidity} in the home or laboratory; control devices; control automatic sorting and grading of products on an assembly line; read and respond to scientific test results, such as changes in pressure, pH or viscosity etc.


Isolation: Resistance input to output: 200G ohms. Voltage: 15V min.
Input active current: 10-100ma.
Propagation delay: Varies with diode current from input to data (D) line.
Diode and Transistor: Turn on: 6 u sec.   Turn off: 10 u sec, typ.
Relay Outputs

Isolation: Contact to contact 750V AC at 250M ohms. Contact to coil frame: 2000V AC.
Propagation delay: Pull in: 3.5 msec.
Release: 4 msec. Bounce: 1.2 msec.
I cannot locate a manual for this useful looking board. Here is a brochure.  If you have one or a .pdf file and would like to share it with others please let me know.


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