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PMMI  Bell 212A  Modem
This was the next generation modem supplied by PMMI after their successful MM-103 modem.

PMMI 212A Modem

The PMMI Bel 212A was IEEE-696 compatible. It had auto answer and auto dial capability and ran at two different rates. 45.5-300 baud and at 1200 baud. It had full and half duplex capability.  As with the MM-103 it utilized four consecutive IO ports on the bus.  It could also be setup to utilize the interrupt lines .

As for other PNMI and Hayes boards, while some simple software was provided with the board. The vast majority utilized public domain CP/M programs like Modem 5 or 7 with this board.

I do not yet have a manual for this board.  If you have one please let me know.
The PMMI brochure can be obtained here.

Note on Bell 212 A Protocol
Bell 212A: Synchronous/ asynchronous data transmission, full-duplex operation over 2-wire leased or dialup lines; 1200-bps data rate. This versatile standard provides for efficient full-duplex operation over 2-wire dialup lines. If you add a leased line, however, you can still use Bell 212A. Comparable to ITU V.22


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