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Mountain Hardware  -  EPROM Programmer Board 

This board was designed to program early 512x8 UV-EPROMS.

EPROM Programmer

This board is a general purpose PROM (programmable read only memory) module compatible with the S-100 computer bus. The board has provisions for 71/2 kilobytes of ultraviolet erasable proms (EPROMs). There are also sockets for 512 bytes of random access memory (RAM). The board has a built in programmer that will program any of the proms on the board. The programmer does not need any special software. Any number of bytes may be programmed at a time.

The PROROM board is supplied ln several forms. Typically it includes one 6834 EPROM (512 bytes) and one 3539 RAM (256 bytes). A monitor routine is pre-programmed into the EPROM, which allows the user to perform basic functions with the host computer.

The manual for this board can be obtained here.

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