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NorthStar - 32K Dynamic RAM Board
This was NorthStar's second DRAM board. They still had the option of a row of parity chips on the board.

NorthStar DRAM

The North Star 32K byte RAM board (RAM-32-A) operated at full speed with Z80* microcomputers, even with 4 MHz operation, due to the 200 nanosecond access rating for the 16-pin dynamic RAM chip on which the design was based.  Parity detect was provided as a standard feature for maximum system integrity.  The RAM-32-A could be addressed to any 32K region beginning at an 8K boundary.  The RAM-32-A has a bank switching feature which allowed more than 64K bytes of RAM to be used in the computer, and also facilitated special software applications, such as timesharing. 
The manual for this board can be obtained here


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