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This board
was Z80 based with 128K of RAM (banked switched), a 8253 timer, an RS232 serial port (Zilog SIO's), and a 9519 Interrupt Controller.  It was similar to ADC and Teletek SBC boards.


The board was produced in 1981-1982.  The NET/82 was a complete computer on a single board, with the exception that there was no provision for supporting local disk devices. In the multi-processor architecture for which the NET/82 was designed, disk operations were controlled by another CPU, which was accessed through a communications protocol of some sort. Since the NET/82 was designed as an I/O mapped slave according to the IEEE-696 specification for S-100 computers, the usual communications method was to exchange data with the bus master processor controlling the local S-100 bus. That processor could, in turn, be part of a larger communications network, allowing
an almost unlimited amount of data and external devices to be available to the user and software associated with an individual NET/82.

The detailed (reconstructed) manual for this board and schematic can be obtained  here.


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