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Dual Systems --  DMAM-256KP  256K RAM Board

This was Dual's main RAM board in their 68000 systems.  I am looking for a better image of this board.
If you have one please let me know.


Dual 256K RAM

The board had a full 256K of dynamic RAM on board as 64K X 1 chips.  It could in fact be addressed as 2 independent 128K byte regions. The board was completely IEEE-696 compatible.  It ran at 4MHZ on both 8 and 16 bit systems utilizing 230 nanosecond RAM's with no bus wait states.  There was parity error checking for each byte. errors could generate a pulse or level interrupt or could pull down the S-100 bus general error signal (pin98).  Data transfers could be 8 or 16 bits wide.

Later Dual extended this board to accommodate 265K dynamic RAM chips to yield a 1M RAM board. They called this board the EMEM-1MB.

I am also looking for the manual for this board.  If you have one please let me know.


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