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Vector Graphic Flashwriter II
The Flashwriter II was for years Vector's workhorse video display board.

VG Flashwriter II

There was not an earlier Flashwriter I. The two refers to the 2K of RAM the board used. The Flashwriter II delivered the critical 80 characters/line with 24 lines per screen required for practical office text processing with each character in a high resolution 8X10 dot matrix. The Flashwriter II had good circuitry for flicker-free screen updates and had separate sync (inverted & non-inverted) outputs as well as composite video CRT's. There was also a parallel keyboard input port. Unusually the board had a socket for your own system monitor in ROM as well as the ability to jump to that location on Reset or POC.  It did however utilize system memory making VDB boards with their own onboard memory a better choice, for example the SD System VDB 8024.
Later a Flashwriter IV was produced. It had 4K of RAM and a serial keyboard input port.
The schematic for the board can be seen here.
The manual for the board can be obtained here


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