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Other S-100 and Vintage Computer Web Sites On The Web
There are now many interesting S-100 and Vintage Computer web sites on the web. A number are maintained by individuals to share information with fellow computer owners or people simply interested in these computers.

I have put together a list of web sites I have come across and found useful. If you have seen other sites worthy of mention or would like to have your site mentioned please let me know.  Note: They are in no particular order here.
Reterotechnology Web Site   http://www.retrotechnology.com/herbs_stuff/s100.html

This is a very well known site run by Herb Johnson. The site is text based but contains a wealth of information.  Herb probably has the largest supply of S-100 manuals of anybody in the world. He sells them for a small fee. If it's not there you are in trouble! He also sells some hardware including new versions of the Versafloppy II floppy disk controller.
Altair kit Web Site   http://www.altairkit.com/diffcompare.html

This is a web site run by Grant Stockly dedicated to the Altair 8080. ( What grant and his colleagues have done is gone back and remade the original Altair boards and computer box.  The workmanship is 2009 grade as opposed to what was available back in 1976. Nevertheless they have reproduced the S-100 boards exactly as they were intended. He has an active forum on this and related topics at http://www.stockly.com/forums

Vintage Computing   http://deramp.com/

This is a relatively new web site for S100 computers maintained by Mike Douglas.  The site focuses on early personal computers from the mid 70s into the early 80s. Here you'll find resources for restoring and maintaining many of the great computers and peripherals from this era.  A fantastic source of information for some of the very early S100 systems.
Daves Old Computers Web Site   http://www.classiccmp.org/dunfield

Again a plain looking web site but a wealth of information. Dave Dunfield has put together a vast collection of information about vintage computers. S-100 computers are just one section. While only a dozen or so S100 companies are represented there is some great reading there about the history of the early S-100 days.
Harte Technologies   http://www.hartetechnologies.com/manuals/

This site is what its title says a collection of S-100 manuals in .pdf format. The site is run by Howard Harte. Howard had done us all a great service by providing a great (and growing) collection of manuals. He maintains a Blog as well.
facebook   https://www.facebook.com/groups/s100computer

This site is the Facebook site for S100 Computers.
Fairly active with plenty of pictures.
Comp-OS-CPM Web Site   http://groups.google.com/group/comp.os.cpm/topics

While not really a web site this is a discussion group hosted by Google. It is quite active and well  attended. Discussions go all over the map and are not really limited to CP/M.

This is a web site with a wealth of information about vintage computers in general. S-100 computers are represented but the site has pictures and info about all types form the 70's and early 80's. It is run by Erik Klein.

The site received a number of awards and has amongst other things its own forum at:-
OldComputers   http://oldcomputers.net/

Again a wealth of information about old computers of which S-100 computers are represented. There is real good information on some of the very early computers not seen in other sites.
Virtual Altair Web Site   http://www.virtualaltair.com/

Another fantastic store of S-100 specific knowledge. This one is mentioned by Tom Sanderson. It has great historical information about MITS and their early advertisements etc. Like stepping back in time.
Gabies Home Page   http://www.gaby.de/ecpm.htm

A web site located in Germany. But has an English option. It is  another great Source for CPM information.
PC-History   http://www.pc-history.org/

Some of the best and most detailed accounts of early PC-company history are to be found here. Great reading.
Bitsaver.org   http://bitsavers.org/

This is a great deposit of manuals for vintage computers in general. They have an extensive list of .pdf manuals for S-100 systems.
Sol20.org   http://www.sol20.org/index.html

This is a web site dedicated to the Sol Computer.  A great web site with plenty of documentation and programs for the Sol.
Cromemco   http://www.kuhmann.com/Cromemco/CrosNest.htm

This is a web site dedicated to Cromemco computer systems. It is probably the only site with information about the later 16 & 23 bit Cromemco boards. A must read for Cromemco users. Maintained by Robert Kaufmann
VintageNet   http://www.vintagecomputer.net

Again a wealth of information about old computers of which S-100 computers are represented. There is a forum group as well with good discussions on some of the very early computers not seen in other sites.
Microcomputer Museum   www.microcomputermuseum.com

This site has a great amount of information about early computer systems. Lots of information there!!
eBay   http://www.ebay.com/sch/Vintage-Computing-/11189/i.html?_nkw=s100&_sop=10

eBay is actually a great source of old S100 boards.
Holden Web site   https://www.worldphaco.com/

This as an amazing collection of electronic articles. A number of which are about S100 boards.  Amazing work and pictures..


This webpage is to help newbies and beginners getting started to build themselves an Altair 8800c 




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