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Tarbell Electronics -- 1011A Floppy Disk Controller

This was the only RAM board Tarbell Electronics made.  It was unfortunately too little too late. RAM boards had moved to Dynamic chips or low power static chips.  The board is now quite rare.


The board had a capacity or 32K. Note the NINE voltage regulators -- probably a record for a S-100 board.  It had bank switching capability and recognized the Phantom line.  The board utilized TMS 4044 (MM5257) 4KX1 RAM chips.  Rows of chips could be selected in 8K increments by jumpers in the top middle of the board.  A nice memory test program was supplied in the manual as well as a schematic. Don Burns has pointed out that this board seems identical to the Delta Products 32K RAM board.

The manual for this board can be obtained here.  
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