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BG Computer Applications   256S  --  256K Static RAM Board
This was a follow-on of BG Computer's 64K static RAM board.  The boards were quite similar, though this board did not have an onboard
"coin" type standby battery the 64K board had.

BG Computer 256K RAM

This board was very well thought out.  Besides all the then usual IEEE-696 features such as 8/16 bit data transfers, 24 bit extended addressing, Phantom line detection  and the ability to mix RAM and ROM chips, the board could be configured in numerous ways to utilize bank select features for MPM, OASIS, AMOS I & II, and CHROMIX, I, II and D.  You could even program EEPROMS.  There was battery backup/standby capability as well.   The board utilized 3 custom PAL's to obtain all these features.

Setting the board up requires careful reading of the manual. There are some diagram errors for the jumper locations K7, K8 and K9 but they become obvious when you see the board itself.

The manual for this board can be obtained here.


BG Computer Applications  S-100 Boards
256K RAM


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