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MidTerm Associates  -- Merlin Video Board
This was a relatively early entry to the S100 board market. It appeared around 1978 and was well advertized. It was a fairly advanced video board at the time utilizing mostly TTL logic chips and thus requiring a two board set configuration.

Merlin Video Board

The MERLIN board was designed as a software programmable display and was, therefore, dependent on software for control. In the most common usage of MERLIN, the "MERLIN BASIC INTELLIGENCE (MEl) ROM" was used and had to be purchased to provide this software control. The MEl software was programmed to accept command input from a modified ASCII keyboard via MERLIN's on-board keyboard port. Neither the MBI ROM nor keyboard input through the on-board port was required however for operation of the MERLIN Video Interface. The keyboard and ROM were simply the most direct and easiest approach to a fully get a fully operational video terminal. 

The manual and quite detailed construction notes for this board can be obtained here.
The software manual can be obtained here.

MidTerm Associates  S100 Boards
Merlin Video Board


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