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PMMI -- History


PMMI stands for Potomac Micro Magic Inc., but the company was commonly called PMMI.  In the late 70's and early 80's when the S-100 bus was in full use, there were really only two major options for modem companies. D.C Hayes and PMMI.  Both companies produced excellent S-100 board modems. Both had a loyal following.  Both could be configured to run with popular CP/M programs like BYE (various versions)  and Modem 5,7 etc. However there were port/hardware differences between the boards of both companies so you always need to set equates differently in the source code of the relevant CP/M programs.

The company was located in Falls Church VA.  I have no further information about the company.  If anybody else can provide some please let me know.


PMMI  S-100 Boards
MM-103 Modem    Bell 212A Modem     VT1 Modem


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