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Macrotech --  256k Dynamic RAM
This was a very nicely laid out 256K Dynamic RAM board S-100 board. It came out in mid-1982.

Macroteck 256K RAM

The board had 24-bit addressing capability. It could however they claim operate in any S-100 System (EEE1696 or non IEEE). DMA operations were fully supported as were 8 or 16 bit data transfer protocols. Te board would operate up to 6 MHz with no wait states and up to 10 MHz with automatic wait state-assertion. There was on-board Parity error detection and double parity in the 16-bit mode of operation.

All memory refresh cycle timing was generated on board providing easy-CPU independent characterization.  Again it was a 6 layered PC board.

he manual for this board can be obtained here.


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