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Wameco  MEM-2 RAM Board

This is an early static RAM board. The board came out in 1978.

Wameco MEM-2    

The MEM-Z memory board was designed to interface 2114's to the S-100 bus.   Provisions were made for multiple wait states, memory addressing options, Phantom Disable, and Bank Addressing. Any multiple of two memory chips could be used with the board start and stop address and could be effectively set in 4 K boundaries anywhere in the 65 K Byte memory of your computer. If 4 K Bytes or less, the board could be configured to occupy only the amount of 4 K Bytes in the memory map of your computer. This selection can be increased by 4 K byte increments until the full 64 K Bytes is selected.

The manual for this board can be obtained here.

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