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History of S100Computers web site updates
This page contains a list of past changes made over time to this web site.  It's probably not of general interest.
If you wish to see recent changes/news etc. please click here.

5/8/2018       Second update of the V2 PDP11 CPU CPLD code to accomidate the detection of invalid I/O Ports
A Description of how Master/Slave Control is Implemented on The S100 Bus.
Update of PDP11 Monitor Software
First description of Mega 328-2560 CPU Board
Update Spin Code for Propeller Console IO Board
Update Z80 Master monitor to correct problem booting CPM with some CF Cards
Description of final PDP11 Support Board
Added PDP11 Support board TU58 UART program test
2/18/2018     Updated (this) home page with better pictures of example S100 bus boards
Start of PDP11 Software Page
Description of V1.2 Bus Display Board
Description of PDP11 Support Board
Description of V2 PDP11 CPU Board
Description of Bus Display Board
Description of V2.51 Propeller driven Console IO Board12/20/2017   Update Z80 MASTER
Update PDP11 Monitor
Final PDP11 V2 CPU Board Description
Update Z80 Monitor
11/29/2017   Updates to a number of old web pages
11/12/2017   Minor updates and corrections to a number of Web pages. (e.g.
SMB, Propeller Console I/O Board)
 Update of PDP11 Monitor code (V1.43)
 Update on PDP11 V2 CPU Board
 Final update of 68030 CPU board
 Update of PDP11 CPU CPLD Code
 Description of final version of the 68030 Master/Slave CPU Board (V1.1)
9/27/2017    Correction of PDP11 CPU board reset signal
 First description of the 68030 Master/Slave S100 Bus CPU board
    Update of build instructions for the PDP11 CPU and CPLD code update board
    Added download link for Bob Bells Serial Communications Program (SCP) V2.0
      Updated PDP-11 Monitor
    Final description of EdisonII CPU board
    Issue using TXB0108 Lever Converters with Edison Board
     First description of EdisonII CPU board
     Added a test program for the voltage lever converters on the Edison Board
      Description of V1.0 Digital PDP-11 S100 CPU board
     Programming GALs with WinCUPL
     First description of Digital PDP-11 S100 CPU board
     Update and build steps for the Edison CPU board (Video Added)
     Updated KiCAD footprint libraries to include recent specilized chips
     First description of Edison S100 CPU board
     Minor updates to Z80 ROM Monitor (Master.Z80)
     Updated list of boards on reorder by users.
     Description of V3 8MB OTT Static RAM Board
     Updated 80386/80486 Monitor Software
     Description of Dazzler II Video Board
9/19/2016     Converted all video files to .MP4 format. Removed Flash requirement.
     Description of Sham Com and its use to upload a file from Windows 10 directly into RAM on the z80 SBC via a USB serial link
     Description of board etching error on V2a 80286 CPU board
     Description of V3 32/64MB S100-OTT Static RAM Board
     First Description of the new Dazzler II Video Board
     Description of Full Size 80486 CPU Board
     Description of the Trident 16 Bit VGA Board6/2/2016      Description of Rev 1 of 8080A CPU Board
 Construction notes for Baby 80486 Added
  Added info on Morrow HDC-DMA Controller
      Added board jumper table for the 80386-II board assembly description (and further notes)
 Initial description of 80486 S100 Bus CPU Board
 Added info on Artec Electronics
3/30/2016     Modification of GAL code for VGA board to work with future 80486 CPU board
 Introduction to the 8MB Mezzanine RAM mini-Boards
 Description of OPL3/Game/Serial Board
 Added information about installing CPM3 image on a CF-card for the Z80 SBC
 Description of MEM8 Plus Board
 Updated description of how our S100 boards are designed and fabricated. Centralized downloads to one page
 Updated "Bringing up MSDOS for the First Time"
 CPLD Programming Motherboard
 Introducing a new CPLD based 80386 Master/Slave CPU Board and 32/64 MB RAM Board
 A fourth version of our 16MB Static RAM board, the V6 board.
 Build instructions for the Z80 based S100 bus single board computer - a starter S100 bus CPU board.
 Updated Console-IO board with addition of keyboard adaptor
 Update/corrections to V5 16MB Static RAM board
 Initial description of CPLD based 80386 CPU Board
 Update on  Z80 based S100 bus single board computer - a starter S100 bus CPU board.
 Bringing up MSDOS in an S100 Bus system
 Description of the Tarbell Z80 CPU Board
 Description of V3, MSDOS Support Board
 Description of a V5, 16 MB S100 bus Static RAM board
 Added building instructions for the V3 IDE/CF Card  Board
 Added building instructions for the V3 SMB
 An S100 bus VGA Video board
 A proposed V3 version of the SMB
 A proposed V3 version of the IDE Board
 An S100 Bus VGA Board
 Added a section on hardware debugging the 80386 board
  Description of a IMSAI style Front Panel S100 Board
 Added building instructions for VDP video board
Description of new 16MB static RAM Board
 Updated Ackerman Digital history page
 Updated list of S100 bare boards available
 Update on the ISA to S100 Bus Converter board using a GAL driven board
8/9/2014      Updated
8086 and 80386 monitor programs
 Added information about the SC Digital 1MG DRAM Board
 Writeup and description of a new S100 8080A CPU board
 Added Dave Fry and  Dave Mehaffy's notes about a  new simplified CF-card CPM3 Image generating process for the IDE Interface board
 Final writeup and description of the S100 bus 16MB static RAM board.
7/20/2014     Updated
Z80 (Master), 8086 and 80386 monitor programs
 Added description of V2 version of RAM+ROM board
 Added build instructions for the new 80386 CPU board
 Description of a prototype MSX style VDP S100 Video Board
 Added build instructions for the new S-100 Bus System Monitor Board
      Added build instructions for the new 16MB Static RAM board
 Description of final 80386 Prototype CPU board
 Added build instructions for the new V2 80286 CPU board
10/23/2014   Updated Ackerman Digital history page \
9/14/2014     Updated list of S100 bare boards available
8/30/2014     Update on the ISA to S100 Bus Converter board using a GAL driven board
8/9/2014      Updated 8086 and 80386 monitor programs
8/4/2013      Added information about the SC Digital 1MG DRAM Board
7/31/2014    Writeup and description of a new S100 8080A CPU board
7/26/2014    Added Dave Fry and  Dave Mehaffy's notes about a  new simplified CF-card CPM3 Image generating process for the IDE Interface board
7/22/2014    Final writeup and description of the S100 bus 16MB static RAM board.
7/20/2014    Updated Z80 (Master), 8086 and 80386 monitor programs
7/15/2014     Added description of V2 version of RAM+ROM board
6/24/2014    Added build instructions for the new 80386 CPU board
6/21/2014    Description of a prototype MSX style VDP S100 Video Board
6/2/2014      Added build instructions for the new S-100 Bus System Monitor Board
5/31/2013    Added build instructions for the new 16MB Static RAM board
5/28/2014    Description of final 80386 Prototype CPU board
5/22/2014    Added build instructions for the new V2 80286 CPU board
5/14/2014    Added build instructions for the new V2 MS-DOS support board
5/3/2014      Enlarged the 68,000 Monitor program to allow file downloads from a PC using the XMODEM protocol.
4/26/2012     Electrical and Electronic Engineers Plaque to Honor Gary Kildall
4/20/2014     Introduction to KiCad (a printed circuit board layout program)
4/8/2014      Introduction to GALs and programming with PALASM
3/21/2014     Uodated picture and info for CompuPro's National Semiconductors 32016 CPU S-100 board
3/1/2014       Description of the V2 Version of the System Monitor Board
2/26/2014      Description of a 16MB S-100 Static RAM Board
2/24/2014     Description of the V2 Version of the MSDOS Support S-100 Board
2/5/2014       Description of the V2 Version of the 80286 CPU S-100 Board
1/31/2014      Description of the V2 Version of the Z80 CPU S-100 Board
12/28/2013    Description of the Cromemco dazzler Board with software
     Updated information on new clock circuit for 80386 board
     Update description of V2 of our Parallel Ports IO Board
     Further additions to the Dynabyte Computers section
      Further additions to IMS Boards section
      Added update to V2 of Extender board (bottom of page)
    Update pictures of IMS 80186 CPU Boards
    Construction Notes for the production version of the 1MG RAM+EPROM S-100 Board
    Updated 80386 board and first description of the 32 MB Static RAM board
    Added construction notes and updates for the 80286 Master/Slave CPU Board
     Added construction notes for the production version of the Parallel Ports IO Board
     Added construction notes for the production version of the Master/Slave 6502 CPU Board
9/2/2013       First description of a New 1MB Static RAM + EPROM Board (8 or 16 Bits)
8/26/2013     Update 80386 Monitor software
8/18/2013     Updated 8086 Monitor software
8/13/2013     First description of a parallel ports I/O  board
8/12/2013     First description of an IBM-AT ISA bus to S-100 bus converter board
8/11/2013     First description of the MSX compatible VDP S-100 Video Board
7/22/2013     Added information and manual for the IMSAI MPU-B 8085 CPU Board
7/13/2013     Added information and manuals for the Marinchip TMS-9900 CPU S-100 system
7/5/2013       Added an example of an 8 bit EEPROM with 60K Static RAM (for Z80's etc), to the EPROM/RAM Board description
7/2/2013       Added to Assembly Language Common Routines
6/6/2013       Added information and Manual for Morrow DJ-DMA FDC Board
6/6/2013       Reformatted/modified History Page
5/30/2013     Added early electronic history information to the history page
5/26/2013     Updated information on a number of S-100 Boards, in particular Alpha Micro
5/18/2013     Added Information about S100 Bus Terminator & Prototype Board
5/11/2013     Added picture and manual for CompuPro Interfacer-I Board
4/21/2013     Description and Construction Notes for the 68000/68010 Master/Slave  S-100 CPU Board
4/15/2013     Final Prototype 80386 and 8 MG Static RAM Board

3/9/2013       First working prototype of Static RAM daughter board working with 80386 CPU board
2/15/2013     First Description Of The 80386 Monitor
2/8/2013       Updated Software Index Page (PCLOAD, 8086 Monitor etc)
1/28/2013      Build instructions for the Lava-10 VGA Video board
1/12/2013      Added Description of MiniTerm Associates Merlin Video Board

12/20/2012    Further progress with S-100 master/slave 80386 CPU Board (bottom of page)
    First description of the S-100 master/slave 80386 CPU Board
    Status update on Cirrus Logic GD-5420 VGA Board. ISA Prototype working
      Updated 4MG Static RAM board description to actually contain 4MG of RAM
      Description of 8088 CPU Final Production Board
        First discription of Master/Slave IEEE-696 style 6502 CPU Board
      Added manual for Lomas "Hasitall I/O" Board
      Updated several of the Intersystems S-100 boards information and pictures.
        First discription of Prototype 80286 Board
      Description of V2 Prototype of LAVA-10 SVGA Video Board
       First discription of LAVA-10 SVAG S-100 Video Board Prototype
       Added picture and manual for Cromemco DPU (Z80/68000) board
         First description of new 8088 CPU Prototype Board
         Added description of CompuPro MS32016 CPU board and Marinchip TMS 9900 CPU boards
       Description and assembly of the final version of the MSDOS support board
3/28/2012       Updated
Z80 Monitor, IDE Diagnostic Program, 8086 Monitor and 68K Monitor Programs
       Update on second prototype of the 68000 CPU Board. Master/Slave version now working
Added information about the TecMar 8086 CPU Board
         Added the 6809 CPU to the history of CPU's page
       A 6502 CPU driven S-100 board
         First discription of a VGA S-100 video board prototype
12/21/2011     Cleaned up and corrected some minor errors on the History page
12/18/2011     Added CPM3 BIOS clock support for DS-12887 CMOS RTC chip on MS-DOS Support Board
12/14/2011     First description of MSDOS Support Board
12/14/2011     Build instructions for 8086 Board added
11/27/2011     Updated 8086 and Z80 Monitor codes to incoporate DS-12887 CMOS Real Time Clock Chip
11/14/2011     Added a description of the prototype 68000 CPU board
11/2/2011       Added a historical writeup on CPU's used in common desktop computers.
10/19/2011     Updated the S-100 Boards section with data for some of the lesser well known boards
10/18/2011     Update Propeller Driven ConsoleIO .spin software so the CTRL and ALT keyboard keys are recognized.
10/16/2011     Update of 8086 Monitor added. Now includes CGA/VGA video board interrupt routines.
9/26/2011       Updated information on V2 of the E-PROM Board. (Also added pinouts for EE-PROMS)
9/18/2011       Added the NASM 8086 Assembler to the Assembler Downloads collection
9/17/2011       Enlarged the 8086 Monitor to allow MSDOS (V4.01) to boot from an IDE card.
9/17/2011       Added a writeup on displaying CHS & LBA information for sectors on the Dual IDE Drive Board
9/16/2011       Added note for SMB about tracing through Z80 CPU E-PROM's (Bottom of page)
         Updated 8086 Monitor to contain an IBM-PC "like" BIOS. Can Boot MS-DOS V4.01
         Updated changes made to V2 of PROM Board
          Added new entry to News page
        Added picture of final production version of the Dual IDE Drive S100 Board
        Bringing up CPM86 Plus on an 8086 S-100 bus  system.
        Introduction of a New 8086 ROM based Monitor
        Introduction to a new S100 8086 board
        Added information about my custom Floppy Disk Drives Unit
        Added information on the final prototype version of the Dual IDE interface board
        Final version of the Propeller Driven Console-IO board described.
          Added a description of the V2 IDE S-100 Board. Now it can accommodate 2 CF cards
          Software updates to allow the ZFDC board to work with 1.2M 5" and 1.44M 3.5" MSDOS disks
        Added information about connecting 5" and 3.5" drives to the ZFDC Board
4/23/2011        Update on Version 2 of the Zilog SCC Serial IO board
4/18/2011        Description of the Final ZFDC controller board
4/10/2011        Description of the final version of Propeller driven Consol IO Board
4/1/2011          Description of second version of Propeller driven Consol IO Board
3/15/2011        Bringing Up CPM3 for the First Time -- Writing a CPM3 BIOS for an IDE Hard Drive
3/14/2011        Updated S-100 Board IDE Drive Diagnostic software (MYIDE.ASM) and web page
3/14/2011        Added a 4K ROM based version of MYIDE.ASM (MYIDEROM.ASM)
3/06/2011        Added Instructions for Bringing Up a Banked Floppy Based Version of CPM3
2/26/2011        Bringing Up CPM3 for the First Time -- Writing a CPM3 BIOS for a FDC Board
2/1/2011          Further additions to the ZFDC board write-up. (3rd Prototype finished).
1/24/2011        Updated IDE Board diagnostic program
1/20/2011        Further additions to the ZFDC board write-up.
1/17/2011        Added links to the newest schematic of all New S100 Boards (at the bottom of each new boards page
12/25/2010       Update of Z80 Based S-100 FDC Board utilizing the Western Digital WD2793 Chip (Second draft)
12/6/2010        Updated a number of boards in the ECT company/history section
      Described construction notes of the final Z80 CPU board
      Described construction notes of the final PIC/RTC board
      Updated section on Boards For Sale with some of our newer bare boards
11/12/2010      Updated a number of boards in the S-100 Boards section
      A Z80 Based S-100 Floppy Disk Controller Board utilizing the Western Digital WD2793 Chip (First draft)
        Added update on second Z80 prototype board (running at 10MHz)
        Added construction notes for S-100 Serial IO Board
        Added construction notes for S-100 EPROM/RAM Board
        Described the final production board version of the S-100 bus extender board.
        Started write-up on the a prototype Z80 CPU S-100 Board.
8/22/2010        Added construction tips on assembly of Final System Monitor Board.
8/4/2010          Added a description of the S-100 Serial IO Board with speech sysnthesis and USB port chips.
7/27/2010        Added a popup dialog box to explain the use of the 74LS682 chip for bus addressing.
7/26/2010        The S-100 Prototype board 7/24/2010 Added Section describing the new EPROM/RAM Board.
7/9/2010          Updated information on final version of PIC-RTC board with new video demos.
7/4/2010          Added some comments and suggestions at end of IDE Board section about the second batch of boards.
7/3/2010          Added description of new S-100 Extender Board
6/16/10            Added more detailed video showing single stepping functions with Version 2 of the SMB Board
6/4/2010          Added program & video showing the RTC chip interrupting the Z80 every 1 second using the PIC/RTC board
6/2/2010          Added picture and video of second draft of the S-100 PIC/RTC board in action
5/29/2010        Added picture of the second prototype version of the SMB Board
5/22/2010        Added section on the final version of the 4 MB Static RAM board. Updated construction instructions.
5/7/2010          Started a Section Containg Small Common Assembly Language Routines
5/7/2010          More work on Software section. Added downloads for all common CPM assemblers, linkers etc.
5/6/2010          Added extensively to the software section. Explained how to use CPM3 simulator
5/5/2010          Added a section for the MySYS NET/80 SBC
4/26/2010        An S-100 Interrupt Controller and Clock/Calendar board
4/21/2010        Added further information about the SMB board
4/13/2010        Added a description of the S-100 System System Monitor Board
3/25/2010        Added database for S100 Board status and orders
3/19/2010        Update on 4MB Static RAM Board. Prototype finished.
3/19/2010        Added section about the Intersystems Real Time Clock Board
3/19/2010        Added a section for Delta Products S-100 Boards
3/1/2010          Added section on Intersystems EPROM Emulator board
22/2/2010        First Description of the 4 MB Byte S-100 Static RAM Prototype Board
10/2/2010        Added a section describing the building of the S100 PC Keyboard Converter board and Software
1/31/2010        Updated IDE Board section with instructions about board building etc.
1/17/2010        Added patch to add 2716 EPROM to TDL SMB 1/17/2010 Added logic probe diagram to IA Z80 board.
1/2/2010          Added description of the  IBM PC keyboard to ASCII S-100 Converter board
1/1/2010          Updated many manuals and fixed broken links.
12/21/2009      Added picture of first prototype IDE board.
12/13/2009      Added information and pictures of Salota S-100 Boards
12/7/2009        Added new S-100 boards and info for Intersystem's, Advanced Digital and a few others.
12/6/2009        Added extensive software to the S-100 IDE board section to run CPM3 with it.
11/25/2009      Update Computalker and TDL SMB sections
11/14/2009      Updated my Z80 monitor section
11/8/2009        Debugging an S-100 System for Beginners
11/6/2009        Added Intersystem's 16-64K EPROM Board
11/5/2009        Added a new S100 IDE hard disk interface board to New Boards
10/16/2009      Added info and manual for TDL video board
9/25/2009        Added information about my Intersyystems Z80 CPU Board
9/17/2009        Added info about configurating the SD Systems Serial board to talk to a PC
9/10/2009        Added new Cromemco boards, updated info on others.
9/5/2009          Added info on Cromemco STDC board, Memory Merchant RAM & Mountain Hardware Boards
9/4/2009          Added Computalker & BusProbe boards
9/3/2009          Added ACOM 8088 CPU Board
9/2/2009          Added Lifeline IDE Controller and Heuristics Speechlab Boards
9/1/2009          Added SD-Systems I/O-8 Board and Harte Super-IO Board
8/21/2009        Added Piiceon, Measurement Systems  and updated Tarbell boards
8/20/2009        Added Romac H19 video, Multiflex boards  and Peak Electronics 68K board
8/20/2009        Added numerous board reviews from old Microsystems J. etc to various board sections
2/19/2009        Added info on Alpha Micro, Static Memory Systems, ECT  S-100 boards
8/14/2009        Added info on Scion MicroAngelo board
8/13/2009        Added info on BG Computer  and Konan S-100 boards
8/12/2009        Added info on TecMar, Pickles & Trout  and SemiDisk  S-100 boards
8/11/2009        Revamped the Seattle Computers Products boards section
8/11/2009        Added info on Omni and Fulcrum boards
8/10/2009        Added section on Advanced Digital Corp. boards
8/9/2009          Added more info on SD Systems boards (Other boards)
8/9/2009          Arranged index page of companies in alphabetical order
8//7/2009         Added section on XComp hard disk controller boards
8/6/2009          Added section on Macrotech boards
8/5/2009          Added section on I/O technology boards
8/4/2009          Added section on Teletek boards
8/2/2009          Added section for Lomas Data Products boards.
7/29/2009        Added and corrected sections for IMASI, DRC, S.C. Digital, Heathkit and Cromemco boards.
7/29/2009        Added section on S.C. Digital boards
7/28/2009        Added section on PMMI modems
7/28/2009        Added CompuPro Spectrum board and SSM 16K RAM
7/27/2009        Added sections for Seals Electronics, MITS FDC board, and Digital Research Computers boards
7/27/2009        Updated some CompuPro pictures sent by Richard Lvnch
7/26/2009        Added section on Ackerman Digital systems boards & Tarbell Electronics
7/25/2009        Added as section on Dynabyte (No manuals currently!)
7/24/2009        Added a small section on D.C. Hayes modem boards
7/22/2009        Added a section on Micropolis and their FDC
7/21/2009        Added a section on Matrox video boards      
7/21/2009        Added a section on Seattle Computer Products Boards
7/20/2009        Added Dual Systems S-100 boards information. (Still need quite a few manuals)
7/19/2009        Added Jade & Compu/Time S-100 boards info.
7/16/2009        Updated TDL, IMS, Polymorphic, IMSAI and Altair boards images
7/14/2009        Reformatted web site pages to have variable width text paragraphs.
7/12/2009        Started on CCS Boards
7/9/2009          Finished Solid State Music Boards, Wameco & PolyMorphic Systems
7/9/2009          Finished Altair and Processor Technology boards
7/6/2009          Finished IMS boards
6/19/2009        Started on NorthStar boards
6/18/2009        Started on IMSAI systems
6/14/2009        Started on CompuPro boards.
6/12/2009        Started entering info for Cromemco boards
6/8/2009          Added S-100 board info for SD Systems, TD, VG, Intersystems.
5/25/2009        Major work stated on site construction
12/15/2008      Started on site framework

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