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512MB DRAM / S-100 Card

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So to arrive at a 512MB DRAM S-100 card with over-the-top memory bus,
using the parts we've been discussing, you end up with 8 x 72-pin
SIMMs and 4 x 132-pin PQFP packages, a hand full of bus-glue chips, a
few dozen caps, and power supply.

The SIMM array would take up about half of the area of an S-100 card,
accounting for some wiggle room to run tracks around.

I think the way to go would be to split the SIMMS into two groups of 4
(bank A and B), and I would see lining up the two banks horizontally
side-by-side and pushing those down toward the bottom of the card
since there won't be much going on down there except for the power
supply coming in. So you have the bottom of the card pretty much fully
occupied by the SIMMs.

That would leave the top half of the card free and clear where you
should be able to fit the four 132 pin PQFP packages comfortably
either on the back or front and still have space left for bus logic,
which should be pretty minimal, a hand full of buffers I'm thinking.

If we went surface mount on the bus logic, we could mount those on
opposite sides from the memory controllers if space constraints
require it.

The long and short is that I believe it can all fit comfortably on one
S-100 board with a little bit of creativity.

- --Mike

On 07/17/2012 03:21 AM, mike wrote:
> So a 512MB DRAM card built around this chip would look like this;
> 4 V96BMC chips, 8 sticks of 64MB 72-pin SIMMs (I think the 72 pin
> simms are looking like the most likely to be compatible with this
> arrangement).

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