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Re: [N8VEM-S100:6051] Dual IDE/CF V2a


I have finalized my CP/M 2.2 MONITOR-BIOS for use with the V2a Dual IDE-CF board. It  also uses the Serial IO board to provide console and serial printer interfaces. The hardware and software are operating without any errors or other problems. Hardware mods to the V2a board are as noted earlier, i. e., no RR1, U18 and 19 are 74LS00's, loading on the T82C55-10 line are minimized by raising two pins - see earlier message for specifics.

The baseline has two 8MB drives. I will expand that to four sometime soon but now my task is the write the 65C02 DOS/65 equivalent MONITOR-SIM. That will take a while but now that I have a solid Z80 CP/M MONITOR-BIOS for the CF interface it should go fast. Since the file systems are compatible, development and testing are relatively easy. My existing 65C02 DOS/65 MONITOR-SIM mirrors the Z80 version in many respects.

I have attached the baseline Z80 source code for the MONITOR, BIOS, and BOOT.

If you have questions please ask away.

Rich Leary

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