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Re: [N8VEM-S100:6015] Dual IDE/CF V2a

Gary wrote:

>> When I was getting my Dual IDE card up and running I found that
>> the Toshiba 82C55-10's I had didn't work well.

I also found this to be true.  The 8255-5 worked much better than the CMOS parts I tried, BUT sadly, I couldn't get my dual IDE card to work reliably *at all*.  I made the 74LS03 --> 74S03 mod. and changed the SIP out.  It worked well enough to be a tease -- but the minor glitches (bad bytes in sectors written and read) were enough to convince me that there was no way it would work reliably as a compact flash hard drive.  BTW, I was trying to get it working with CP/M 2.2.

I also think that I was using the IDE/CF adapters from NewEgg.

Unfortunately, I don't have the diagnostic tools that Rich has, so I guess I'm stuck.