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Re: [N8VEM-S100:6015] Dual IDE/CF V2a


Good points - my Z80 CPU is a decades old Compupro CPU-Z with a vintage Z80 running at rated 6 MHz - nothing fancy there.

The card manufacturer is worth looking at. I have  been using a 256 MB Sandisk card. I have tried others but I need to revisit that before I start wiring up the logic analyzer or even the scope. I have a box of various digital media but off hand I do not remember what manufacturer or sizes although size is not really an issue.

What bothers me about this discussion is that other IDE-CF interfaces appear to work without problems - for example John Coffman's ECB SBC Mk IV works with anything I have thrown at it with no issues. Same for my digital cameras that work flawlessly with any CF card I have tried. Something about this S100 board is marginal.


On Thursday, January 15, 2015 at 7:23:39 AM UTC-7, Gary Kaufman wrote:
FWIW the other issue I had with the IDE card was that it was very stable with MSDOS using either the 80286 or 8088 boards but flakey with CPM3.0/Z80.  Even at 6 mhz using a 20mhz rated Z80.  Switching to an "old stock" Z80 fixed everything and it's now very stable.  There's something about the current production Z80 that didn't seem to work well.

I've also stuck with Kingston branded 4gb CF cards.

- Gary

On Wednesday, January 14, 2015 at 10:37:35 PM UTC-5, norw...@aol.com wrote:
Gary wrote:

>> When I was getting my Dual IDE card up and running I found that
>> the Toshiba 82C55-10's I had didn't work well.

I also found this to be true.  The 8255-5 worked much better than the CMOS parts I tried, BUT sadly, I couldn't get my dual IDE card to work reliably *at all*.  I made the 74LS03 --> 74S03 mod. and changed the SIP out.  It worked well enough to be a tease -- but the minor glitches (bad bytes in sectors written and read) were enough to convince me that there was no way it would work reliably as a compact flash hard drive.  BTW, I was trying to get it working with CP/M 2.2.

I also think that I was using the IDE/CF adapters from NewEgg.

Unfortunately, I don't have the diagnostic tools that Rich has, so I guess I'm stuck.