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New Run of V2 6502 Cards (was: Re: [N8VEM-S100:2971] Re: 6502 v1 CPU board and the EPROM/RAM board) (sINTA problem)

Hi Fabio (and all,)

I'm willing to do a run of 6502 V2 cards.

I just need the EDA files from John or Andrew.  Hopefully they'll see
this and pass them along.



* Fabio Battaglia <hkzl...@gmail.com> [140328 03:55]:
> Hi John and Neil,
> Nope John, I did not need patches apart the one mentioned on your page. At 
> least not YET: I still have to get a prompt from the monitor, so it's too 
> early to say my board is working fine.
> Naturally I'll do the second fix this evening when I get home, exploiting 
> the unused 74LS05 gate to tie sINTA low: I don't want to modify the 
> EPROM/RAM board because I want to put the Z80 card in my system as the main 
> cpu.
> I'm trying to get hold of a 6502 V2 card, but apparently no one has a spare 
> to sell. The most natural thing to do would be doing a board run myself, 
> but I had a very bad experience with Italian mail when, a few years ago, I 
> was running a floppy dumping service for some friend around Europe. The 
> shipping prices (and I wasn't even factoring in packaging costs) were so 
> high that a few guys decided to leave the floppies at my house and rebuy 
> the games...
> It's really a pity, as I'm starting to like the 6502 cpu and my father has 
> some interest in using the computer with that cpu card in it, reminding him 
> of of his juvenile efforts with ASM on his C64.
> I'll keep you posted on the board mod this evening.
> Bye everyone!
> Fabio