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Re: [N8VEM-S100:2969] Re: 6502 v1 CPU board and the EPROM/RAM board (sINTA problem)

Hi John and Neil,
Nope John, I did not need patches apart the one mentioned on your page. At least not YET: I still have to get a prompt from the monitor, so it's too early to say my board is working fine.
Naturally I'll do the second fix this evening when I get home, exploiting the unused 74LS05 gate to tie sINTA low: I don't want to modify the EPROM/RAM board because I want to put the Z80 card in my system as the main cpu.

I'm trying to get hold of a 6502 V2 card, but apparently no one has a spare to sell. The most natural thing to do would be doing a board run myself, but I had a very bad experience with Italian mail when, a few years ago, I was running a floppy dumping service for some friend around Europe. The shipping prices (and I wasn't even factoring in packaging costs) were so high that a few guys decided to leave the floppies at my house and rebuy the games...
It's really a pity, as I'm starting to like the 6502 cpu and my father has some interest in using the computer with that cpu card in it, reminding him of of his juvenile efforts with ASM on his C64.

I'll keep you posted on the board mod this evening.

Bye everyone!

On Friday, March 28, 2014 5:57:22 AM UTC+1, monahanz wrote:

Neil, I surprised you needed those patches.  It’s a long time since I fired up that board but I do remember It worked fine without  patches like that.  It worked fine as is – at least with the simple monitor in ROM I wrote. Fabio how about you?


I wondering if it’s something to do with your ROM addressing. Is that an Apple ROM?






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I have the "S-100 6502 CPU VERSION 01" board - assuming this is the same board you have then I may be able to help.


My board required major rework to get running. I eventually ported the Apple I (Apple I, not the Apple II) Woz Monitor and BASIC to run on this board (I converted them to console style I/O).



I'm digging to see if I can find the rest of them. There was a significant layout error that resulted in D0..D7 being reveresed; in the photo you will see a group of 8 wrap wires I used to patch around the issue.



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