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Re: [N8VEM-S100:5133] JAIR 8080 Board- It's alive! but CPM Xmodem needed

Hi Josh & all,
I realize that all the software & firmware is still in the development stages but I figured that I would mention a few problem I am having. I have done the xmodem transfer to memory & CP/M save as described in Josh & Rich's previous responses. It has worked for a few files such at STAT.COM but if I do a dir command after the save completes sometimes the directory appears as gibberish until I reboot the machine. After a reboot the directory usually appears as it should including the new STAT.COM file which executes most of the time (sometimes it just hangs the system). I have run memory tests using the monitor on all the range of memory I can test without overlaying anything and all appears to be good. Also I searched high & low through all the CP/M archives I could find but was unable to find an CP/M xmodem program that I could upload to the system to make transfers easier. Doe anyone have a favorite CP/M xmodem program they could send to me? jgalinat<at>optonline.net
Thank for any help you can provide.

On 9/2/2014 6:13 AM, Jeff Galinat wrote:
Hi Andrew,
That sounds like a good plan of attack. If I am successful & get a typical CP/M disk built I will make sure to share it. Thank you!

On 9/2/2014 3:22 AM, Andrew Bingham wrote:
Since XMODEM was originally written on CP/M, I think you could get a CP/M XMODEM program SAVEed and then run that from *inside* CP/M and not have to drop back to the monitor, etc. for each file.

Andrew B