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RE: [N8VEM-S100:5150] JAIR 8080 Board- It's alive! but CPM Xmodem needed

Hi Jeff,

That's good feedback, thanks.  It's not the only problem.  I couldn't get CP/M to switch to a different drive.  If you copy that same file to 3 other names like DISK-B.BIN, DISK-C.BIN and DISK-D.BIN.  Then try changing to B: it crashes CP/M.  My BIOS routines to select the working disk does work, because it's used in the selecting of DISK-A.BIN.  This bug had me scratching my head.  Now I see there's another bug.  Of course, like any lunatic, I carry these bugs around in my head and about 3 weeks ago while driving I had the idea that I might be running short on stack space!  My routines to change the drive nest pretty deep. Your bug report could be from the same problem.  Hopefully, this is the problem, and I can fix it after VCF MW. 

It's 1 week to VCF MW!  I'm almost ready, just a few last minute things.  All the systems I'm presenting are in working order.  It's been like a "Repair Marathon" for the past 8 weeks or whenever it was that Matt Turner came over for a visit.


> Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2014 13:12:36 -0400
> From: jgal...@optonline.net
> Subject: Re: [N8VEM-S100:5150] JAIR 8080 Board- It's alive! but CPM Xmodem needed
> To: n8vem...@googlegroups.com
> Hi Josh & all,
> I realize that all the software & firmware is still in the
> development stages but I figured that I would mention a few problem I am
> having. I have done the xmodem transfer to memory & CP/M save as
> described in Josh & Rich's previous responses. It has worked for a few
> files such at STAT.COM but if I do a dir command after the save
> completes sometimes the directory appears as gibberish until I reboot
> the machine. After a reboot the directory usually appears as it should
> including the new STAT.COM file which executes most of the time
> (sometimes it just hangs the system). I have run memory tests using the
> monitor on all the range of memory I can test without overlaying
> anything and all appears to be good. Also I searched high & low through
> all the CP/M archives I could find but was unable to find an CP/M xmodem
> program that I could upload to the system to make transfers easier. Doe
> anyone have a favorite CP/M xmodem program they could send to me?
> jgalinat<at>optonline.net
> Thank for any help you can provide.
> Regards,
> Jeff
> On 9/2/2014 6:13 AM, Jeff Galinat wrote:
> > Hi Andrew,
> > That sounds like a good plan of attack. If I am successful & get a
> > typical CP/M disk built I will make sure to share it. Thank you!
> > Regards,
> > Jeff
> >
> > On 9/2/2014 3:22 AM, Andrew Bingham wrote:
> >> Since XMODEM was originally written on CP/M, I think you could get a
> >> CP/M XMODEM program SAVEed and then run that from *inside* CP/M and
> >> not have to drop back to the monitor, etc. for each file.
> >>
> >> Andrew B
> >>
> >
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