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JAIR 8080 Board- It's alive!

Hi Josh (& all that are interested),
  I have finished the build of the JAIR 8080 board and I can get into the monitor, test some RAM, ports, examine memory, etc.  I have been unable to boot CP/M however.  I thinks that it must be the way I prepared the SD card of the card that I am using.  I have normally used windiskimager to create disk images on SD cards.  Windiskimager typically uses .img image files to create a disk image on the card.  I tried using the .bin file as the source but the SD card doesn't appear bootable so I assume I did something wrong.  Also what size cards are you using?  Most of my cards are SDHC of 4,8 or 16gb capacities.  I do have a few 1gb standard SD cards that I can try also.
  I have to admit that I was pretty excited to see your design come to life.  It is very cool indeed.  Also I realize that you are preparing for VCF-MW so it may have to wait but does any guide exist for the monitor commands.  I was able to figure out most of them but I am not sure about the RAM test, unassemble, dump & SD card functions.

On 8/2/2014 11:57 AM, Crusty OMO wrote:
Hi Guys,

I have been able to get CP/M 2.2 booting from the SD-Memory card.  Please find the JAIR-Firmware V1.zip file on the wiki page.

It will boot CP/M 2.2 and give the "a>" prompt.  (I thought it would be a capital A, but it's not.)