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Re: [N8VEM-S100:5870] strange problem with dual IDE card

Hi Roger,
I just picked up on this thread and noticed that you are having issues with the S100 IDE/CF card interface board.
When I built my board I made some notes as I was learning/troubleshooting my board and these notes I wrote up
into a MS word doc, since then further work has been done by Dave Mehaffey (Yoda) and myself on putting together
a simple process for producing a workable image for CP/M.
May I first suggest that you take a look at the following documents to see if it sheds any light on your problem.
Also read the following threads
if you still have problems then repost
David Fry
On Sunday, December 21, 2014 12:45:45 AM UTC, norw...@aol.com wrote:
>> Can you add/more I/O wait states to the cpu

Flipping the I/O wait dip switch (position 2 of SW1) didn't change anything.

>> I'm also thinking that maybe since the board seems to work right after a "write", that I ought
>> to just add a "write" to the init. code?

Just to be sure, I spent a lot of time going back to be positive that I had a clean copy of "MYIDE".  The only change is the port numbers for the IDE card.  I believe that they were 30h, 31h, etc. in the posted code.  I had to change them to 50h, 51h, etc. because 30h conflicted with another card in the system.  That's the only change.  I've attached a log of the session in which I ran this "clean" copy of "MYIDE", and my home grown CF/IDE utility.  I added a dummy write to the initialization routine in my utility.  You can look at the results.  "MYIDE" reads all 2's in the first sector, but my utility reads 1's (which is correct).  I must also add that in both cases, the hex display on the card shows 00 00 01.

I'm going to move on.  I'm not happy with this kludge, but I've wasted enough time on it.  Maybe somebody way smarter than me can figure it out???

Thanks for looking at this.