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Anyone have a working ZFDC with CPM3 and a 1.44MB drive?


I am appealing to the Group once again as I am at a roadblock.   

My system is as follows:

Compupro CPUZ
Compupro System Support 1
Compupro Ram 17

The system boots CPM3 from the IDE CF board with drives A and B.  The ZFDC is configured as C and D with both drives being 1.44MB 3.5" floppies.

Here is what happens:

I can select, format and write to the floppy.
I can copy files to and from the floppy.

I can do anything I want, up to and including RESET of the system.

However, if I turn the power off and re-boot then the diskette previously written cannot be 'logged to'.  If I type C: I get an I/O error.
If I insert a diskette written on another system (like DOS) I can log to it just fine.

Even if I go back into the ZFDC Diags and set the drive format etc. it still fails.  It only works if I format the diskette and never power down.

So, the fact that the system will read a disk written under DOS tells me there must be something I am doing wrong in the write process that is not affected by a RESET, but is lost with POWER off.

Does anyone have this working and can offer any suggestions?

I have been over and over the BIOS code and can find nothing wrong.