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Re: [N8VEM-S100:5865] strange problem with dual IDE card

>> Somewhere in your software I think you are not setting the sector number correctly.  Take
>> the BIOS and/or IDE software and display on the screen the RAW sector number being
>> sent to the board immediately before you output to the port. Backtrack from there.
I think that I did this.  Sent the sector number from "wrlba" in the MYIDE code from the S100computers.com Web site to the screen.  It looked fine.

Are you saying that I'm not to trust the hex display on the card?  Is it possible to have the hex display show something different than what is actually going out to the compact flash?  I'm talking about using the "MYIDE" code from the Web site directly, without any changes except the port numbers for the IDE card.

I'm wondering if anybody else has had problems with the MYIDE code?