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RE: [N8VEM-S100:81] Re: S-100 Motherboard

That's wonderful new Rich!  Thanks!  I really appreciate your hard work!

I think the 6x0x host processor board uses the WD65C02S CPU so I think I
have the part library for KiCAD.  If not, it will be fairly straight forward
to modify it assuming it is mostly 6502 pin compatible.

Have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch

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> Made some progress today but also confirmed one not easy to fix issue.
> a. I patched the floppy controller (UFDC-1) to use /PRESET (75) rather
> than /POC (99) to reset the board. CPU-Z and UFDC-1 now work together
> like a charm all the time.
> b. Started preparing the W65C02S schematics for Andrew. I hope to have
> them done by Monday. When I looked closely at the board and the
> existing schematics I realized that I had (mostly) documented my 2 MHz
> system that used a GTE G65SC102. That device is not the same as the
> W65C02S that is currently available so there will be some changes. I
> will of course debug the new board.
> c. Pulled the "new" 8-inch drive and carefully inspected it for
> issues. Saw nothing obvious like a burned component, bad connector or
> disconnected cable so there is an issue somewhere in the write chain.
> Debugging the drive is almost impossible when it is installed in the
> cabinet and I don't have the resources to do it outside the cabinet so
> I will get another drive (found one on eBay). In the meantime I will
> change the one that will not write to be the boot drive (A) and make
> the fully functional drive A. That way my disk copy routines (CP/M or
> DOS/65) and format routines will work better as most of them are set
> to copy A to B or format B etc. Once I get the "new" drive and verify
> it I'll see if the existing drive can be repaired.
> Still a lot do do with the 5.25 inch drives but I am getting close to
> having a stable system with two (mostly functional) 8-inch drives.
> Motherboard itself is solid as are the other system components.
> Rich