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RE: [N8VEM: 8651] Re: S-100 Motherboard

Hi Rich!  Thanks!  Yes, I did a respin of the S-100 backplane a few months
ago to incorporate some improvements from the builders.  It is now 8 slot
with IEEE-696 standard board spacing and a bunch of other improvements.  You
raise excellent points in your previous emails and I've recorded them in my
(long) list of improvements for the S-100 boards.  I will continue to make
improvements and probably do another respin of the board to make it better
hopefully in few months or so.

If you would comment and/or add photos on your configuration that would be
great since they would apply equally to the original and the updated
version.  Most of the changes were basically cosmetic like changing the
connector pitch, etc.

I appreciate your help!  Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch

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> I must have missed a major release somewhere.
> The S-100 motherboard I have has only six connectors; no JP1,2, or 3;
> no reset switch; etc.
> My use comments will focus on my configuration, not the eight slot
> motherboard.
> Rich
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