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RE: [N8VEM: 8644] S-100 Motherboard

Hi Rich!  Thanks!  That's fantastic!  Please keep us posted on your

Would you mind please posting some photos and details of your build on the
N8VEM wiki?


I get quite a few questions on the N8VEM S-100 backplane and other builders
will benefit from your experiences.  Did you notice Don made a parts list
for the board and also some frequently asked questions?

Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch

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> Subject: [N8VEM: 8644] S-100 Motherboard
> I finished (finally) assembly of my N8VEM S-100 motherboard. Testing
> so far has been limited to connecting my 8 v PS (a Meanwell 7.5 v
> adjustable switcher) and verifying and adjusting the active terminator
> 2.6 v circuitry.
> Next step will be connecting the two 15 v supplies - also Meanwell
> switchers.
> Compared to my old homebrew S-100 system the three switching power
> supplies must weigh less than the filter caps to say nothing of the
> multi-pound transformer.
> Once the supplies are all connected and tested I will wire up a reset
> switch and attempt to bring up a monitor-only Z80 CPU + RAM +
> Interfacer IV I/O system. Once that is working I'll do same thing with
> my 6502 S-100 CPU.
> Then I'll try to add my existing S-100 floppy controller with a floppy
> only system.
> Once that is working I'll add the hard disk controller.
> If all goes well my long term intent is to trash the old power supply
> and motherboard (some bad connectors) and put the N8VEM motherboard
> and the switchers in the existing case and card cage.
> All this will take a lot of time so progress reports will be slow.
> Rich
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