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RE: [N8VEM: 8653] Re: S-100 Motherboard

Thanks Rich!  That's great news!  Please keep us posted on your progress!

Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch

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> Good progress today. I was able to bring up a minimalist three board
> configuration:
> CompuPro CPU-Z (with my monitor EPROM version 9.02B) Z-80 at 4 MHz
> CompuPro RAM17 64 KB (less the EPROM window)
> CompuPro Interfacer IV with User 1 serial port connected to a laptop
> at 9600 bps
> The only functions I could check are the minimal monitor functions -
> they worked well.
> I need to build a good reset circuit with pushbutton as so far I am
> relying on the power on reset of the CPU-Z.
> Once I have that working I will add floppy and hard disk controllers
> and eventually boot CP/M.
> Since everything is as it was configured in my old S-100 system I
> expect minimal problems.
> Rich
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