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RE: [N8VEM-S100:5515] ALTAIR-IMSAI 8080 CPU Board, BOM errors

Hi Group,

Well, the moment has come for me to stand up and admit I'm an idiot!

This has come after a long search and struggle to find out why CP/M 2.2 would not save files correctly.

Apparently in CP/M 2.2, they number the sectors from 0.  While, iirc, in CP/M 1.4 it started at 1.

I spent hours testing my disk read/write routines and could not find faults.

I even thought my CP/M image got corrupt, and Rich Cini was very kind to send me another image.  I was hoping the files where different, but that wasn't the problem either.

The whole fix, just really required me to remove a simple "Decrement Sector" instruction because I thought CP/M used 1 as it's starting sector, where I needed 0.

Sigh...  ok,  problem solved....

New firmware file and Disk file images (with CP/M standard files uploaded) on the wiki site at:


Josh Bensadon