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Re: [N8VEM-S100:5538] ALTAIR-IMSAI 8080 CPU Board, BOM errors

Hi Josh,
  Great news!  Thank you for all your efforts bringing this board to life . Even though my hardware seemed to work properly, I still had a concern that I had a hardware problem since I had so much trouble running CP/M from the SD card.  I was actually relieved when you experienced similar problems.   At least it was easy to fix for you once you realized the differences between the 2 CP/M releases.   I feel what you have done with this board is tremendous.  You designed a complete S-100 single board computer that is compatible with IMSAI, Altair & the MiniFP front panels,  provided a nice monitor program and customized CP/M to run on it. The board was a lot of fun to build and I am looking forward to building the MiniFP to work with it.  Also, kudos to Don Caprio, Rich Cini & you for all your work on the MiniFP board.  These 2 boards will make a very compact retro S-100 system when used in conjunction with the N8VEM 8 slot S-100 backplane.  That still leaves 6 slots open for expansion & hardware testing. Woo Hoo!  Thanks again for a job well done,
  Also a huge thank you to John Monahan, Andrew Lynch and all the others who have done so much for keeping the S-100 bus alive almost 40 years after it's inception.  I have many of John's & Andrew's boards in the process of being completed but I finished the Altair-IMSAI 8080 board first as it gave me an operational system on one board to play around with before I finish the other boards.
Jeff Galinat

On 11/9/2014 3:30 PM, Crusty OMO wrote:
Hi Group,

Apparently in CP/M 2.2, they number the sectors from 0.  While, iirc, in CP/M 1.4 it started at 1.

I spent hours testing my disk read/write routines and could not find faults.

The whole fix, just really required me to remove a simple "Decrement Sector" instruction because I thought CP/M used 1 as it's starting sector, where I needed 0.

Sigh...  ok,  problem solved....

New firmware file and Disk file images (with CP/M standard files uploaded) on the wiki site at:


Josh Bensadon

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