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RE: [N8VEM-S100:1888] S-100 MSDOS Compatibility Level ?

DOS 4.01 is the furthest I have brought things so far.  Probably can go higher but the 8086 monitor may  need to be better tweaked.  The MSDOS support board has only one 8259A PIC and no DMA controllers. May have to work around this. I have thought of doing a DMA controller(s) S-100 board but it will be some time yet.





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Hi All,


Im a newbie looking at getting my feet wet in my first homebrew computer. 


Just wondered what level of MSDOS Compatibility to expect for the S-100 platform ?  I'm more keen on the S-100 platform than ECB one, since I would love to play around with more advanced boards like the new 286 CPU board and 68k board. 


I've noticed theres a dedicated MSDOS Compatibility board.  I would love to run older simple DOS apps but figured better ask what to expect from overall MSDOS compatibility.   Does it support up to 6.22 without many issues or should I expect to run 3.x versions stable etc ?


Appreciate if I can get a rough idea what to expect before rushing in. :)


Many thanks


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