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Re: [N8VEM-S100:763] S100 VDP success

Hi Andrew,
Yes, I would like to build a sound generator on this board. I bought couple of AY-3-8910s 30 years  ago on sale. I knew they'd come in handy for something someday.
Do you have a circuit in mind for the VGA output for the VDP board? Would it have a sync doubler or would it only be able to drive VGA  monitors that sync down to 15.57kHz?
Best regards
Leon Byles
On Monday, 26 March 2012 04:16:53 UTC+11, lynchaj wrote:
Hi Leon!  Thanks!  Wow!  That's fantastic news!  Woo Hoo!

Sorry for the late reply.  Frankly I think I've forgotten who is even
working on the S-100 VDP but I *think* it is yourself, Neil, and Dave.  That
makes sense since I still have two of the five prototype boards left.  If
I've missed anyone I apologize.  My mind has been elsewhere for the last
three months it seems...

I will make the corrections on the S-100 VDP board.  This has a lot of
potential to be a really neat project.  Having a working demonstration
really helps as well.  Are you interested in building up a AY-3-8910 sound
generator chip circuit?  I think that this board with a V9938 and an
AY-3-8910 would have a reasonable chance of some amount of MSX

We can clone the AY-3-8910 and joystick ports from the N8 design and make
adjustments to the IO decode logic.


Would the rest of the S-100 VDP team please give a quick update as to where
you are with the project?

Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch

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> I've finally had some success getting video out of the prototype S100- VDP
> board.
> The first thing I found was the data bus on the V9938 swapped around.
> That is, D7 was wired to CD0 not CD7, D6 was wired to CD1 not CD6 etc down
> to D0. I think this may have been an early error on one of the prototype
> N8VEM VDU boards also.
> I correct the Data bus swap around but still no video output on p21
> COMP_VIDEO or P22,23or 24 (RGB). I should say there was actually a
> composite video signal complete with color burst and synchs but there was
> no video component on the top half of the waveform. I tried another V9938
> - same result. I pulled out the BT478 to just try and get the V9938 part
> on its own. Still no luck.
> Finally last night Wayne posted that he'd found some problems were caused
> on the N8VEM Color VDU board when the VT82C42 is not reset. I looked at
> the VDP reset circuit and found that the V9938 is not receiving a reset
> because BRD-RESET* is being gated by SYNTMS* at U27C. SYNTMS* is reset
> at turn on by BRD-RESET*. - Thanks for the inspiration Wayne.
> I'm not sure what the function of SYNTMS* is. If it's to enable a
> programmable reset for the V9938 we may be better off inverting it and
> eliminating the inverter U11F after U27C. This should give us a reset from
> either SYNTMS or  BRD-RESET.
> I was using a modified version of HW9918.COM to test the VDP board so I
> added a couple of lines to toggle the SYNTMS* signal to reset the
> V9938 in the initialization section and Bingo - "Hello World" popped up on
> screen.
> I've put some photos and the test program on the N8VEM site at:
> http://n8vem-sbc.pbworks.com/​w/browse/#view=ViewFolder&​param=VDP
>  for anyone who is interested.
> I set the address base to 90H but maybe it would be nice to change this to
> 98H (start of the V9938 registers) for MSX2 compatibility. I think it will
> some rewiring in the address decoding.
> Next step is checking out the BT478 and maybe VGA output.
> How's everyone else going with their VDPs
> Leon Byles