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RE: [N8VEM-S100:6018] Done lurking; Hello


I think you are going to fit in great with this group.  I didn't know you were a HAM too... that's one of those things I keep wanting to do. 

If you can't find those 8" hard sectored disks here, then you might try MARCH group or ALTAIR Owners group.

PS. Your board is on it's way. 


Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2015 20:52:35 -0800
From: jeffrey.h...@gmail.com
To: n8vem...@googlegroups.com
Subject: [N8VEM-S100:6018] Done lurking; Hello


I joined the group a month ago or so. Been lurking a bit. Thought I'd introduce myself. Hi I'm Jeff. Back in the day I ran a BBS on a couple DSDD floppies mostly with CCS (California Computer Systems) and CompuPro stuff in an Imsai or CSS case. Funny... I've never had a CompuPro case until recently. My dad passed away leaving me his Imsai and Altair 8800, incidentally he taught me a bit about IBM 360. I remember some time sharing we did as independent contractors. Yup - touch typing Hollerith card puncher Sure wish he could have seen the internet... 

I've been working on getting some of my old gear running again. So far I have a CCS system booting off of SSDD, and a CompuPro booting off of DSDD. Still having trouble reassembling an image from source. I have some MFM drives I need to customize the BIOS for that are not supported in the standard images. Another project would b to find some 8" hard sectored disks to boot an 8800b?

Recently I rebuilt the power supply in the Imsai, you can Review or Discard at Will (RoDaW - my blog) the post here

I bought a 8080A CPU board from Josh which looks pretty weird alone in a 22 slot card cage... Works great. He's sending me a Prototype V2 board Might try interfacing a beaglebone black.-- just for the learning...

I'm a radio amateur KF7CRU.

catch ya later... - jeffa

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