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Z80 board @ 10 MHz

Hi folks,

I've been facing difficulties since quite a while getting my system work reliably at 10 MHz. I did add a termination board, checked that all relevant chips were F-types, but after some time, the whole shebang getting warmer, the system was suddenly freezing, to such a point that even a reset was not even feasible.

I just bough a couple of freezing sprays - yes, two, I also have an old analog synth to debug ! - and could narrow down the issue to U32, after replacing it by a 74F74, things are running even after several hours running an endless loop that displays a counter on the VGA screen. Was even able to do it with only one wait state on IOs ! I also swapped U28 and U29 to a F chip in my previous attempts but I do not think that was the actual issue, I left them in place though,

just wanted you guys to know, my system works now stable as a Swiss watch, despite their is no fan - yet - and this gets quite warm anyway..