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Re: Show and Tell - New user S100 system up & running (well sorta !)


I just received the Modushop parts in perfect shape, I sent an email stating my issues with their website, I got an answer instantly and received the parts two days later.. .very happy with the service and the quality of the product :)

David, I have a question for you, your feedback would be very appreciated : I received and tested the switched power supplies from mouser, all is fine except the fact that I naively thought the PS output both positive and negative voltages vs the GND output... this is not the case obviously, the DC outputs at +V and -V connections. which means I have to order another LS50-15 to generate the other +-15V line :( hence my question :
- the pictures of your PSU show that, apart from the large 7.5V PS, one of the two others is slightly bigger, while I would expect to see two similar LS50-15 there, is there a reason for that ?
- assuming I have a total of 2xLS50-15 and one Meanwell RSP200-7.5, I understand I have to wire +V of LS50 #1, -V of LS50 #2 and -V of RSP200 together to the GND (which is also connected to the mains ground), to get the +15, -15 and +8V. Is that right ?

Sounds like this sounds like a dubd question, but I'd like your confirmation there.. my next step will be try the Ithaca Z80 CPU board I just received to get me up to speed before I solder my CPU board myself. I received the Openbench Logic Sniffer, this is a really wonderful tool for $50 !

thanks a lot in advance for your reply

kind regards,