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[N8VEM-S100:1434] CP/M 2.2 BIOS for IDE board?

To: Bob Applegate
Re: Working BIOS for the S100 IDE Interface Board

Bob, John Monahan's detailed instructions for creating a BIOS for your
CP/M system is the best way to go if you have the technical expertise
to compile and write a system disk for your computer.

Unfortunately, if you don't have a working system, it becomes a little
difficult but Leon Byles was kind enough to post working system BIOS
disks on the n8vem website for everyone to use.  Using his disk images
I was able to get the IDE interface board working with CP/M 3

If you have the following S100/n8Vem boards...
o Z80 Master CPU
o 4 Mb S-100 Static RAM board
o S100 IDE Interface Board
o Propeller Driven Console I/O Board
o ZFDC Board
o Serial I/O board (optional)

You can get the Leon Byles disk image (http://n8vem-sbc.pbworks.com)
under his Builder's Journal folder in a file called (C3NBZFDC.IMD)
This is a Image Disk file that can be used with Dave Dunfields's program
ImageDisk to re-create the original BIOS Disk.
Dave's site is (http://www.classiccmp.org/dunfield/img/index.htm) and the
file you are looking for is (ImageDisk 1.18).  You should also look at
the instructions for "connecting 8" and external floppy drives"

I used an 8" Disk Drive to write the BIOS disk connected to an IBM PC
using the instructions mentioned above.  An interface card was cobbled
together that allowed the 8" drive to be plugged into the IBM PC floppy
disk controller card.  The (C3NBZFDC.IMD) file was loaded to a 1.44Mb
disk and expanded using Dave's ImageDisk program.  The resulting Image
(CPM3ZIDE.SYS) was then written to the 8" drive.  This is a bootable
disk and once the original 8" disk drive is re-installed to the CP/M
computer, you should be able to boot into CP/M 3 and access the IDE

If you get this far, you can format the IDE card and load a system
file onto it s/t you should be able to now boot from the IDE card.

If you want to add all the CP/M files onto the IDE card, use the
serial I/O card and the USB connection to load files from SIMH
CP/M emulator to the IDE card.

Hope this long winded explanation helps.


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Subject: [N8VEM-S100:1434] CP/M 2.2 BIOS for IDE board?

Does someone have a working BIOS for the IDE board that they'd be willing to
share?  I can adapt for my drives, but a known working starting point would
make this much easier.