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RE: [N8VEM-S100:6081] Old S100Computers boards looking for a good home.

OK what I have so far is:-

Fabio,    MSDOS Board V1

Tom,      Propeller Console I/O board V1

Eric,        One RAM/ROM board V1

David,  Dual Serial I/O V1

Gary,     32 MB SRAM board

Bob,       ROM/RAM board and Parallel ports board

Jeff,       Parallel ports board.



Bob & Jeff, remember you will have to make those patches on the parallel ports board for the printer port.  Bob I actually said one board per person, but since there was not a request for another parallel ports board I hope it is OK with everybody else to send you two boards.


Tom, Eric, Bob, &  Jeff I need your shipping addresses. Please send to monahan AT vitasoft dot org.


Will send out Monday or Tuesday.  (Fabio is sent your VDP chips out last week).

Looks like all boards will end up in good homes!












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Guys, I realize I now have more S100 computers boards than I can pass the red face test on!   A thinning out is necessary.  There probably will be more later but right now I have 6 older S100 boards that I would like to find a nice home for.  They are all early versions of what became later V2 versions of these boards.. The all came from earlier systems and where 100% functional before I stripped them down. In particular the voltage regulator heat sinks are removed because they pierce the packaging envelopes.  See below a picture of them;-

They are:-


I giving these boards away for free (though a PayPal return for postage would be nice).  Its on a first come first served basis, but overall preference will be given to people that have one or more of the N8VEM / S100Computers boards.  Its understood that these boards will not be resold on eBay etc. One board/person please.



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