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Re: [N8VEM-S100:6096] Crusty's S100-8080 CPU Card

>> 2.  27C256 Eprom ? 
>> .... <snip> .....

>> Considering they only cost $1.98 each and are OTP, the "low cost"-vs-"erase time" makes sense.
>> I have never used OTP, but I could buy a few and write a few and compare.  Once I know my
>> programming hardware works I could go forward....

If you're looking for 32k x 8 OTPs, take a look at B.G. Micro.  I got some for about $.90 each (if you buy 10).
I got a bunch of them, and had absolutely no problems programming them.  AND .... they are fast!  I'm using
them in place of UV erasable types @ 10 MHz.  Work great!!