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RE: [N8VEM-S100:4514] Re: CPM3 Disk Image - quick start and Images posted

Thanks Thomas, Yoda, and all others!

I had trouble booting CPM, but the (1 and 2 GB) CF cards  I tried seemed to have the correct data when viewed on my PC. Very strange.
However, I am now up and running CPM3, unbanked, with a Prop I/O for the console.
I found that all my 1 and 2 GB CF cards will not work with this project.
But the 128 MB CF card I found DOES work! I will search out 128/ 256 Mb cards- I see quite a few on ebay at a good price.
Next I will try the banked version, and perhaps look at getting a hard drive connected to the top-of-card edge connector.
I may never get another NorthStar Horizon system, but the end dream is to play with CPM again after more than 40 years.

One thing I discovered when writing a FAT-16 file system for my Atmel micros using a CF card- I had to put in a delay of several microsecs
when addressing the 1 or 2 GB CF card registers so the card could become stable- and also during the sector write and read loops,
(running the BASIC interpreter I wrote in assembly for an ATMega128 running at 10 Mhz clock rate).
Mayhap something to play around with on the Z80?
Thanks again for the guidance and the hard work contributed by all in advancing this great project!


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I too had that exact symptom and it was the CF card.  What brand are you using?  The ones that seem to work best for me are Kingston, and I believe it was a Canon that did not.

Good luck, you are close!

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