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CPM3 Disk Image - quick start and Images posted

I have uploaded the basic images and a short document on how to put these on a CF card with all the necessary tools included.  The link is http://n8vem-sbc.pbworks.com/w/browse/#view=ViewFolder&param=CPM3-Disk-Images

I have also included modified cpmtools that understand the disk format so you can manipulate the images before writing them to a CF card.   I would like to use this thread for questions and suggestions for the documentation.  I have not verified the prop images as I did not have any 74LS374's on hand so I could not finish bringing up my prop console board - should be able to do that by the coming weekend.  I assume a lot of you can verify whether they work or not.  I believe they should.  I have verified the serial ones do work.

I am opening another thread for suggestions for going forward.  I want to cover how to build and customize the actual cpmldr and cpm3.sys files.  I will leverage a lot of what John has done and David Fry will contribute his work on the LBA addressing changes that made this all work.

Let me know how it goes.